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Buy the Creative Outlier ONE

Creative Outlier ONE

Bluetooth® Wireless Sweatproof In-ear Headphones



Creative Outlier ONE features a pair of sleek, Bluetooth in-ear headphones with a wireless, tangle-free experience. Crafted with a matte-black finish, these IPX4-certified sweatproof headphones are made to fit securely and comfortably through your daily challenges. The long-lasting battery life of 9.5 hours ensures that you will never be out of music. Fret not! Your everyday music companion is here.

Bluetooth Wireless

Secure Fit Comfort

Built-in Controls & Mic

IPX4 Sweatproof

Up to 9.5 Hour Battery Life


Keep Your Music Pumping

Creative Outlier ONE gives you high definition Bluetooth 4.1 audio with reduced energy consumption. The clear, high quality audio streaming allows seamless music playback for the best experience. This wireless, Bluetooth in-ear headphones is furnished with in-house tuned 6mm Neodymium drivers to keep your music pumping.

We have just one goal — to provide a pair of high quality audio instrument that is light on the wallet so everyone can get in on the good stuff.


9.5 Hours of Pure Enjoyment

The Creative Outlier ONE has a long-lasting battery life of up to 9.5 hours1 on a single charge. Compared to an industry average of 7 hours, the Outlier ONE can pretty much keep you groovy the entire day!

Out of juice? Simply charge it for 2 to 3 hours via the micro USB port located in the inline remote control — you can even charge it via your power bank! Now, rock on.


Beat The Elements

Keep your momentum up high with our IPX4-certified, sweatproof headphones. Nothing can stop you from doing your best, be it accidental splashes or nature's elements. This trusty gym companion will keep your adrenaline pumping and put you at the top of your game.

Ergonomic, Tangle-free Freedom

Primarily designed for everyday use, the Creative Outlier ONE is ergonomically crafted for long hours of listening and comfort. It is super lightweight at just 15g (0.53oz) with a sleek, matte black behind-the-neck design measuring 0.5m (1.64ft). The flat cable also means they are tangle-free! Enjoy unrestrained music without wire troubles — it will feel as if they aren't there!

Immerse in Your Music

Shut out the world; get immersed in your music. These AuraSeal™ noise-isolating, soft silicone tips block out the world and brings you outstanding deep bass, crystal clear highs and balanced audio performance. Now, you can focus on your tasks at hand.

Snug & Secure Silicone Tips

Creative Outlier ONE comes with various sized soft silicone ear buds so you can find your perfect fit. You can choose between the 3 ear bud sizes and 2 secure tips available to make sure you are snugly fitted.

Stay Connected

Stay connected wherever, whenever! The handy inline remote makes it easy for you to control your calls and music playback without having to reach for your phone. It is equipped with ClearSpeech™ Engine technology so everything can be heard crisp and clear without interferences.

Compact, Carry On

Stash your headphones in the convenient carry pouch and bring it everywhere you go. The compact drawstring pouch is perfect for those who want to be organized. Plus, you'll never be out of music!

In The Box

1 Based on moderate volume level. Actual battery life will vary with usage settings and environmental conditions.



Sound Guys

The Creative Outlier One provides the best value. Sometimes we don’t need the best of the best, we need the best value that we can find. Well, as far as the best Bluetooth earbuds are concerned, the Creative Outlier One are the best bang-for-your-buck that you can get without sacrificing too sound or build quality.

Best Bluetooth earbuds of 2018

Creative Outlier ONE


Sound Guys

...the Creative Outlier ONE earbuds are a solid choice for anyone looking for a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds to bring with them to the gym but don't want to break the bank


Creative Outlier ONE


Poc Network

They are a great pair of headphones if you aren’t looking to spend much. They sound good/decent, offering a decent level of bass with crisp highs. They offer just enough water resistance to make it through any healthy endeavor (except for swimming of course), even if you are a heavy sweater. They come with everything you need and are quite lightweight.

Creative Outlier ONE


Customer Reviews

D. Cheong

The Creative Outlier ONE is an inexpensive wireless in-ear headphone with features like bass-boosted sound signature and a long battery life. It is a great choice for those who wants to hit the gym without breaking the bank. It is washable after workouts and comes with a soft fabric drawstring carry bag for easy transportation.

I. Abibior

Great pair of headphones. Perfect for anything, whether it be at the gym, or just casual listening. Haven't had them fall out my ears, especially when using the provided wing tips. Battery life is perfect and the actual sound of these is fantastic. Very pleased with the purchase.

I. Mikula

Love it :)

A Closer Look

System Requirements

For Wireless Streaming:
  • Compatible Bluetooth devices that support the Stereo Bluetooth Profile (A2DP)

Package Contents

  • 1 Pair of Creative Outlier ONE
  • 1 Pair of S, M, L Size Silicone Earbuds
  • 2 Types of Secure Tips
  • 1 Clip
  • 1 USB Cable (0.25 m / 9.84 inches)
  • 1 Compact Carry Pouch
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 User Guide


2-year Limited Hardware Warranty

Featured Questions

  1. Is Creative Outlier ONE compatible with my phone?
    Creative Outlier ONE is compatible with all Bluetooth devices that supports the Stereo Bluetooth Profile (A2DP).
  2. What is the furthest distance I can go from my phone with the headphones?
    The wireless Bluetooth operating range is up to 10 m (33 ft).
  3. Can I connect 2 phones simultaneously to Creative Outlier ONE?
    Only 1 device can be connected to Creative Outlier ONE at any one time.

    The headphones can remember up to 8 devices, so you can toggle between different devices without having to pair them again.

  4. Is there an auto-off feature for Creative Outlier ONE?
    When the headphones are not paired with another device via Bluetooth, it will switch off automatically in 5 minutes.

    When the headphones are paired with another device via Bluetooth, it will stay connected until Bluetooth is switched off.

  5. Where can I get extra ear buds for Creative Outlier ONE?
    All Creative Outlier ONE comes with 3 pairs (S, M, and L) of ear buds and 2 pairs of secure tips.

    Should you require more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Service.

  6. What does the display LED colors mean?
    Flashing blue with red: First-time Bluetooth pairing mode
    Flashing blue: Bluetooth pairing mode
    Solid blue: Fully charged mode
    Solid red: Charging mode
  7. What does IPX4-certified sweatproof mean?
    IPX4 refers to the IP rating that determines how resistant something is to environmental elements. For IPX4, it means that the product is protected from splashing water, no matter the direction.
  8. What does noise isolation mean?
    Noise isolation employs the optimum construction materials and an ergonomic design to block out as much noise as possible from entering the ear canal.

    For in-ear headphones like Creative Outlier ONE, the ear buds are ergonomically customized to fit securely in the ear canal, effectively forming a sealed chamber within the ear canal and blocking out external noise.

  9. What are the colors available?
    Creative Outlier ONE is available in black.
  10. How can I check the battery life for Outlier ONE?
    You can refer to the battery indicator on the status bar of your smartphone when the headphones are connected to it.

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