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Buy the Creative Pebble Pro

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Creative Pebble Pro

Minimalist 2.0 USB-C Computer Speakers with Bluetooth® 5.3 and Customizable RGB Lighting




Now with customizable RGB lighting! The Creative Pebble Pro speakers let you pick from a selection of RGB LED lights and three lighting effects via a simple plug-and-play setup.

On the audio front, it is a step up from all of its predecessors, with an overhaul in driver design and an upgrade from analog amps to a pair of integrated digital input amps, you can expect rich and powerful audio right at your desktop.

For movie buffs, our Clear Dialog and BassFlex technologies ensure easily comprehensible spoken dialogs even while the impactful bass performance pumps away with heightened immersion.

Joining the ranks of our popular Pebble Series of PC speakers, Creative Pebble Pro is here to elevate your desktop audio experience.

Garnered over 61K (and counting) ratings at 4.5 stars on Amazon US and awarded “Best PC Speakers” by numerous top reviewers, hear what others are saying about the Pebble series:

Quite loud already at medium volume, adequate bass and high sound range (in terms of price). I'm pretty critical, but for me, this speaker is 5 stars!!!

- D. Norbert, Creative Pebble V3

Worked great on my Macbook Pro 2015 using the USB-A adapter. Just plugged it in, instantly recognized, chose it as my speakers, and away it went. Sound quality is very good. Far superior to the built-in speakers on my laptop or the the older speakers I was replacing.

- AMZN Customer, Creative Pebble V3

I mostly use these for YouTube videos, and sometimes listening to lo-fi music when I'm doing uni work. I'm really impressed by the quality of them, and it's nice to have some actual speakers for a change instead of a useless monitor speaker, or wearing headphones all the time.

- Amber, Creative Pebble

For USB powered speakers (not powered by 110V AC) and priced around USD $20, these put out a very impressive sound. It's clear and loud enough for any ordinary room. In fact, at full volume, I can listen to the TV in the kitchen, three rooms away.

- G. Taylor, Creative Pebble

I REALLY enjoy the clean/clear sound these speakers produce. Owning what I already own, I would have normally laughed at these speakers, and NEVER would have purchased them from a company like Creative (Come on, not really a speaker company...) One word .... AMAZING!

- John Mi'bo, Creative Pebble V2

If you are like me, I hate the way my laptop speakers sound. And I was getting tired of wearing headphones and ear buds every time I wanted to enjoy good soundߪthe sound from these little babes is awesome.

- Larry, Creative Pebble V2

Yep, I've never seen or heard a system this good for anywhere near this price; the Pebble Plus is the king of budget audio. Period.

- Game Tyrant, Creative Pebble Plus

For anyone seeking a crisp, clean delivery with rich lows and decent balance, the Pebble Plus is a solid, exceptionally affordable speaker system.

- PCMag, Creative Pebble Plus

RGB Lighting

Light up
your setup

Choose from a range of RGB LED lights and 3 lighting effects, and create a setup that fits your desktop aesthetics. Creative Pebble Pro's RGB lights let you cycle through a spectrum of colors, get groovy with pulsate mode, or even keep it simple with a single-color glow.

When it's time to call it a day, turn the RGB rings off easily via the RGB control button.

Setting up RGB
RGB Button ControlsActions

Press x1

Cycle > Pulsate > Solo > Off

Exit Color Selection mode

Press and Hold 2s

Enter Color Selection mode

Turn left or right (Control Knob)

Adjusts RGB rings to preferred color


Amp it up

Audio distortion at high volume levels is commonplace in compact PC speakers, but not with the Creative Pebble Pro.

By utilizing a pair of all-new, powerful digital amps with built-in audio processing that allow the internals to handle higher output power, Creative Pebble Pro is capable of driving impactful audio performances across volume levels without skimping on audio clarity.

A leap in performance

At a glance, the Creative Pebble Pro looks to be sporting the same 2.25" drivers as its predecessor in the Creative Pebble V3. In reality, they have been overhauled from the ground up with a brand-new driver design to achieve more headroom for a louder, clearer audio performance that sounds beyond its physique, and 3.5x richer and deeper bass* performance.

The end result is the engineering marvel that is Creative Pebble Pro—compact on your desk with capabilities to fire acoustics power of up to 10W RMS in total and peak power of up to 20W.

Plus, if you want to further amplify your audio, connect the Creative Pebble Pro to a 30W USB PD adapter^ to maximize the speakers' full capabilities and enjoy astounding acoustics power of up to 30W RMS in total and 60W peak.

*In comparison with Creative Pebble V3

^30W PD adapter not included. We recommend using a PD adapter of at least 30W for optimal performance. The USB-PD port only provides power to the speakers and does not support USB audio, you will still be required to connect to an audio source separately for audio (USB-C, Bluetooth, or AUX-in).

Impactful, deep tones

No subwoofer, no problem. Featuring our BassFlex technology, Creative Pebble Pro is more than capable of delivering extended low frequency response and pronounced bass, even when the volume is low.

The speakers are expertly tuned to achieve maximum bass across all volume levels without muddying audio clarity, so the impactful deep tones that comes through pristine and immersive.

The right angle is 45°

All that audio in a single sweet spot. As is the signature design of the Creative Pebble series, Creative Pebble Pro features the same 45° elevated drivers, specifically angled to direct audio straight to your ears for an immersive and personal listening experience.

Never miss a word

Are you missing out on important subplots because the show's dialogs are constantly drowned out by the background sound effects? Creative Pebble Pro's Clear Dialog audio processing has been further improved to pick up spoken words over ambient sound effects, all while ensuring that the enhanced vocals continue to sound natural and realistic.

With Clear Dialog, spoken dialogs become easily comprehensible on the Creative Pebble Pro without having to crank up the volume.



Skip the unnecessary microphone controls and sound clear to others without the annoying background noise!

It doesn't matter if you're on a conference call or in-game with your team, SmartComms Kit is here to make communications much more straightforward for Windows users via a suite of smart communication features. Plus, it works with any headphones with microphone, headsets, and external microphones.



Get unmuted as you speak and mute your microphone automatically without lifting a finger. Our VoiceDetect feature controls your mute status by voice detection and frees up your hands—and mind—so you can focus on other important things, like fighting off the enemies' attack, or your business pitch.



Remove unwanted noisy distractions from both ends of the conversation in real time.

NoiseClean-in detects static background noises coming from others in your online call, and suppresses the noise while retaining the vocals and spoken dialogs, so you can hear them clearly. Put simply, NoiseClean-in cleans up the noises detected from your incoming audio so that their voices are better heard.

NoiseClean-out does the same—but for your own background noise. Now, no one needs to be asked to “go on mute” anymore.

*The NoiseClean features work best for static background noises such as fans, air conditioning, air purifier, humidifiers, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, electric shavers, and even lawn mowers.




Plug in the Creative Pebble Pro to your Windows PC via the USB-C port.

If your computer only has USB-A port, don't worry, we have also included a USB-C to USB-A converter for your use.


Download and install the Creative app onto your Windows PC.

For new users, start by creating an account with us.

For existing users, you may sign in via any accounts you have with us, like your Creative store account, or other software accounts (e.g., Sound Blaster Command or Sound Blaster Connect).


Go to the SmartComms Kit module and make sure that it is switched on.


To make further adjustments or control each feature individually, you can access the Advanced settings inside the SmartComms Kit module. This allows you to access and control each feature according to your environment and preferences.


Auto Mic Mute / Unmute by Voice Detection

1. VoiceDetect Feature:
Turn VoiceDetect on / off by clicking on this switch. VoiceDetect requires your default microphone button to be unmuted in order for it to work. When unmuted, it will assume control over your microphone's outgoing audio to automatically unmute when you speak, and mute when you stop.
2. Set your speaking volume required to activate the VoiceDetect feature. When set to 'Soft', VoiceDetect gets triggered easily, even when you're speaking softly. When set to ‘Loud', you're required to speak louder in order to activate VoiceDetect's auto unmute.
3. Set the noise level that best describes your current environment noise when using this feature.
4. Select the type of microphone you're using. This allows for better accuracy in voice detection and pickup when you speak.
5. Set the amount of time it takes for your microphone to be automatically muted after you have stopped speaking.
6. Check this box if your voice and background noise level vary. This mode will automatically adjust according to the changes in your voice and background noise as it happens.


Two-way Noise Cancellation — Your Background Noise to Others

7. NoiseClean-out Feature:
Turn this on to eliminate unwanted background noise from your environment during outgoing calls (what others will hear from you). When activated, NoiseClean-out reduces static noises generated by your environment, so that others can hear you better without the static disruption.
8. Set the level of noise that you wish to eliminate based on your current environment. For example, if someone is using a hair dryer directly behind you, we recommend setting this to ‘High'. If the noise source is from a distance and isn't loud, we recommend setting this to ‘Low'.
9. Check this box if your background noise level varies. This mode will automatically adjust itself according to the changes in your background noise level as it happens.


Two-way Noise Cancellation — Background Noise from Others

10. NoiseClean-in Feature:
Turn this on to eliminate unwanted background noise coming from your co-worker's end during incoming calls. When activated, NoiseClean-in cleans up your co-worker's voice and separates it from any background noise by filtering and allowing only their voice through into your headphones.
11. Set the level of noise that you wish to eliminate based on the current background noises that you hear from the call. For example, if the background noise in the call is loud, we recommend setting this to ‘High'. Likewise, if the background noise sounds soft and from a distance, we recommend setting this to ‘Low'.
12. Check this box if the incoming background noise level varies. This mode will automatically adjust itself according to the incoming background noise level from the call as it happens.


No sweat setup

Connectivity options on the Creative Pebble Pro are plentiful! With a single USB cable for both power and audio, plug in the cable to your device and enjoy an audio boost right away.

While connected to power via USB, you also have the options to stream wirelessly via Bluetooth® 5.3 or connect them to other analog devices via the universally compatible 3.5 mm AUX-in port.

Guide to Source Mode Button
Source Mode Button(Press X1 to cycle through the modes)LED Indicator

USB Audio

Solid Purple

Bluetooth (not connected)

Blinking Blue

Bluetooth (connected)

Solid Blue


Solid Green

Plug in for a chat

Link up your headset or microphone via the respective ports to transform the speakers into a quick and easy communications tool at your convenience.

There are two communication ports—headsets / headphones and microphone—located at the side of its right satellite. The headphones port also allows for a more private listening time when needed.


Long wires
for better placement

A long-requested feature is also finally here! Now featuring longer wires (1.8m / 5.9 ft) from the left to right speaker, you'll have more flexibility in how the Creative Pebble Pro should be placed on your desk.

Whether it goes on the sides of your ultrawide monitor or just by your laptop, it's entirely up to you.

✱sold separately


Creative Pebble Pro is a pair of USB-C powered speakers that is capable of 10W RMS output when connected to a USB-C port. If you are unsatisfied with the volume levels on Creative Pebble Pro when it is at its maximum, you can consider connecting the speakers to an external PD adapter that is capable of driving more power for the speakers. We recommend using a USB-C PD adapter of at least 30W for optimal performance.

Creative 30W PD Adapter is a portable adapter with Power Delivery 3.0 and QC 3.0, as well as both the USB-C and USB-A ports. It also comes with interchangeable US, Japan, Europe, and UK AC plugs*, and can be used as a wall adapter to power Creative Pebble speaker series, or to charge multiple USB devices.

*AC plug for Australia is not included.

Meet the family

Speaker System
RGB Lighting
Connectivity Options
  • USB audio and power
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • 3.5 mm AUX-in
  • 4-pole headset port
  • 3-pole microphone port
  • USB audio and power
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 3.5 mm AUX-in
  • USB power
  • 3.5 mm AUX-in
Power Output
  • Total System Power: Up to 10W RMS
  • Peak Power: Up to 20W
  • Total System Power: Up to 8W RMS1
  • Peak Power: Up to 16W
  • Total System Power: Up to 8W RMS1
  • Peak Power: Up to 16W
High Gain Mode
  • Built-in and fully automated (no manual switching required)
  • Built-in automated switch for compatible USB-C devices
  • Manual switch for USB-A devices
  • Built-in automated switch for compatible USB-C devices
  • Manual switch for USB-A devices
Re-engineered 2.25” full-range speaker drivers
2.25″ full-range speaker drivers
2″ full-range speaker drivers
Audio Technologies
  • Clear Dialog
  • BassFlex
  • Clear Dialog
  • N / A
  • Speaker: 123 x 123 x 118 mm / 4.8 x 4.8 x 4.6 inches
  • Speaker: 123 x 120 x 118 mm / 4.8 x 4.7 x 4.6 inches
  • Speaker: 116 x 122 x 115 mm / 4.5 x 4.8 x 4.5 inches
Cable Length
  • Right to left speaker cable (non-detachable): 1.8m / 5.9 ft
  • USB-C cable to USB-C cable (detachable): 1.5m / 4.92 ft
  • USB-C cable to USB-A cable (detachable): 1.5m / 4.92 ft
  • 3.5 mm AUX-in cable (detachable): 1.2m / 3.94 ft
  • Right to left speaker cable: 1.35m / 4.43 ft
  • USB-C cable to computer: 1.2m / 3.94 ft
  • Right to left speaker cable: 1.35m / 4.43 ft
  • USB-C cable to computer: 1.2m / 3.94 ft
  • Line-in cable with 3.5 mm audio jack to computer: 1.2m / 3.94 ft
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • 3.5 mm AUX-in cable
  • USB-C to USB-A converter
  • USB-C to USB-A converter

1 Up to 10W RMS while plugged into a 10W USB-C Port


Jabba Reviews

It is a step up from all of its predecessors, with an overhaul in driver design and an upgrade from analogue amps to a pair of integrated digital input amps, you can expect rich and powerful audio right at your desktop


Creative Pebble Pro



The Pebble Pro is the most powerful Pebble yet — re-engineered drivers, Creative’s BassFlex technology, and a bump in power output that offers a boost in both audio quality and volume.

Creative Pebble Pro



You could spend less, but the Creative Pebble Pro is worth the extra cash if you want premium features combined with clear, detailed audio in a small package. Plus, you get RGB accent lighting.


Creative Pebble Pro


Customer Reviews

C. Ulku

Amazing sound quality for the price! Using it with 30W PD Adapter and they are flawless.

B. Lincoln

Perfect movie sound quality

U. Ayub

Great set of speaker - I am using this on my work machine/meetings whilst having my headset around my neck that has a built in mic Needed this as I cant keep a Corsair Virtuoso headset on for 8h+ working then for longer when I want to play games after work. Next I just need a standalone mic These speaker also look great!

A Closer Look


Speaker Configuration
2.0 system, Computer Speakers
Connector Type
Bluetooth®, Mic-in, USB Audio, USB Power (USB-C, Min. 5V 2A), PD Adapter (Min. 30W), 3.5 mm AUX-in, Headphones / Headset Port
Operating Temperature
Recommended Usage
Movies / Music, Gaming, Wireless Streaming
Left: 123 x 123 x 118 mm / 4.84 x 4.84 x 4.65 inches, Right: 123 x 123 x 118 mm / 4.84 x 4.84 x 4.65 inches
Left: 365g / 13.4 oz, Right: 415g / 14.8 oz
Cable Length (End-to-end)
Right to Left Speaker Cable (non-detachable): 1.8m / 5.91 ft, USB-C to USB-C Cable (detachable): 1.5m / 4.92 ft, USB-C to USB-A Cable (detachable): 1.5m / 4.92 ft, 3.5 mm AUX-in Cable (detachable): 1.2m / 3.94 ft
Drivers Configuration
2 x 2.25″ Full-range Drivers with Passive Radiator
Frequency Response
80–20,000 Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
≥ 75 dB
Power Output
Peak Power: 20W* / 60W**
Satellites: 2 x 5W RMS* / 2 x 15W RMS**
Total System Power: Up to 10W RMS* / Up to 30W RMS**

*With 10W USB-C Port or USB-C Power Adapter
**With 30W USB PD Adapter (not included)
Bluetooth® Version
(A2DP) Wireless Stereo Bluetooth*, *Stereo Bluetooth or A2DP profile enables wireless transmission of full stereo sound to other Bluetooth devices. To determine whether your device (notebook, PC, or mobile device) is equipped with A2DP-enabled Bluetooth technology, refer to your device manufacturer's documentation / website for more information.
Operating Frequency
2402–2480 MHz
Operating Range
Up to 10m / 33 ft*, *Measured in open space. Walls and structures may affect range of device.
Wireless Codecs
Clear Dialog, BassFlex
Volume: Yes
Bluetooth Pairing: Yes
RGB Lighting: Yes
Alpine Green
Yes, 3 Lighting Effects
Supported Platforms
Windows PC, Mac, PS5, PS4 Series, Nintendo Switch, Mobile (via Bluetooth®)
Package Contents
3.5 mm AUX-in Cable (1.2m / 3.94 ft), USB-C to USB-C Cable (1.5m / 4.92 ft), USB-C to USB-A Cable (1.5m / 4.92 ft)

System Requirements

  • Intel® i3 or AMD® equivalent processor
  • Intel, AMD, or 100% compatible motherboard
  • Microsoft® Windows 10 / Windows 11 32 / 64-bit or later
  • 1 GB RAM, > 600 MB of free hard disk space
  • Available USB-C or USB-A port
  • Macintosh running macOS 10.12 or later
  • 1 GB RAM, > 600 MB of free hard disk space
  • Available USB-C or USB-A port
Powered via Desktop / Laptop USB Ports
  • We recommend connecting the speakers to higher current USB-C port (5V 2A or 10W port) for the best audio experience
Analog Audio Devices with a 3.5 mm Stereo Output
  • We recommend connecting the speakers to higher current USB power adapter of up to 5V 2A output, or USB-C power adapter of at least 30W for the best audio experience

Package Contents

  • 1 x Creative Pebble Pro Speakers
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-C Cable (1.5m / 4.92 ft)
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-A Cable (1.5m / 4.92 ft)
  • 1 x 3.5 mm AUX-in Cable (1.2m / 3.94 ft)
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Warranty and Compliance Leaflet


2-year Limited Hardware Warranty

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