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Voice communication is critical in today's interconnected world. With remote working and connecting with loved ones over long-distance calls being a mainstay in our daily lives, the quality of these calls is crucial.

So, here's why CrystalVoice matters: it improves your vocal clarity to the person on the other end, lets you be heard clearly in your own natural voice, and brings across your emotions in your voice accurately to them.


Designed to deliver the best vocal fidelity, you can use CrystalVoice for any online communications, be it conference calls, multiplayer games, or catching up with your family and friends.

Being heard clearly without disruption boosts your professionalism, especially during a high-stake meeting or a business pitch.

Enabling effective communication is half the battle won. Let your commands be heard clearly and lead your team to victory.

At times where you cannot be there physically, let your loved ones hear your natural-sounding voice so they can feel as if you are right beside them.


CrystalVoice is one of our key audio technologies that has been researched, designed, and improved over three decades. It is made up of 5 core features to eliminate unwanted background noise and echoes, reduce unwanted background noise, intelligently readjusts your spoken volume, customize your microphone’s EQ settings, and even morph your voice into different characters or accents.

1. Noise Reduction
– Get Rid of Unwanted Background Noise

Noise Reduction enables you to be heard clearly over background noise. It analyzes audio to detect and suppress the unwanted noises, before sending your voice through the headphones.

2. Acoustic Echo Cancellation
– Eliminate Disruptive Echoes During Voice Comms

Acoustic Echo Cancellation eliminates echoes and enables you to listen to the other party clearly. Echoes are a common problem present in voice communication systems that disrupts conversations by making it difficult to hear the other party.

3. Smart Volume
– Be Heard Clearly

Smart Volume intelligently measures and contain sudden spikes in volume changes across platforms and apps to deliver a consistent listening experience. This makes it convenient for you to speak normally, regardless of whether you are close or far away from the microphone, without having to yell or whisper.

4. Voice Focus
– Suppress External Noise and Enhance Vocal Clarity

Voice Focus eliminates any unwanted noise outside of your focus zone during video calls. In this focus zone, your voice (and others) will be given priority over other sounds and noises that are outside the zone.

5. Voice Morph
– Morph Your Voice into Different Characters and Accents

Voice Morph enables your voice to be altered with a variety of effects, which can be used to enhance the tone of your voice, create interesting accents, or to sound like a completely different person.


You will be surprised just how simple it is to use CrystalVoice. Download our Creative app on your Windows PC to access the feature!

1. Noise Reduction:
Eliminate unwanted background noises from your environment.
2. Acoustic Echo Cancellation:
Eliminate echoes from your conversations.
3. Smart Volume:
Turn on for a consistent listening experience.
4. Voice Morph:
Change your voice into different characters and accents.
5. Microphone Equalizer:
Improve microphone performance and help you sound better.
6. Mic:
Hear yourself and how you sound to others.


The Sound Blaster CrystalVoice is available in the following products: